Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi Factory (medium roast) 200g

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Product name: Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi Factory (medium roast) 200g

*This product can be shipped within Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Product number: S-552
Product contents: 200g (weight including packaging: 210g) x 1 bag

Kenya is a country in East Africa located directly on the equator between Ethiopia to the north and Tanzania to the south.

Although there are many excellent producing areas,

Kirinyaga is located between these two districts, Nyeri and Embu.

Kamwangi Factory is located northeast of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

This factory is located at the southern foot of Mt. Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya.

Although it is located right on the equator, it is at a very high altitude.

It has a wonderful cultivation environment where high-quality coffee beans can be harvested.

Kenyan coffee has a unique flavor known as `` Kenyan flavor .''

Fruit flavors such as grapefruit and fruit tomatoes,

You can enjoy the rich and deep acidity.


It's a taste that all Kenyan coffees have in common!

This “Kamwangi” is

Smooth and smooth texture. Plum for a moment ? Nuances like.

A sweet fruity aftertaste remains.

Kenya is a country with a location suitable for coffee cultivation, national variety research, and a well-developed distribution system.

The quality is extremely high and it is a very important production area for the global specialty coffee market.

(There seems to be a rumor in the street that if you drink the Kenyan from that store, you will learn a lot.)

Something like a "shelf" made of wood is called an [African bed].

Rather than placing the harvested coffee beans directly on the ground to dry, they are spread out on racks to dry.

Although it is simply called "drying," it is a very important process.

By using the [African Bed], the coffee beans dry evenly and evenly, and

Proper drying prevents mold and uneven roasting.

Product name regular coffee
Raw material name coffee beans
Internal capacity 200g (Weight including package: 210g) x 1 bag
Roasting degree Medium roast
expiration date For beans: 2 months For flour: 1 month
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
We recommend storing it in an airtight container in the freezer.
Country of origin of green beans kenya
Outer box size Supplied as a bean bag
Manufacturer Home roasted Coffee Mamebo 1-1-12 Yonegabukuro, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Phone: 022-738-8066

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