shopping guide

payment method

We accept the following two payment methods:

  1. pay by a credit card
  2. Bank transfer
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan Post Bank

how to order

Let's choose an option first.

On the product page, first select "as beans" or "grind into powder", the presence and type of Noshi, and the presence or absence of a message card (Depending on the product, there may be no options. ).

Please enter the "quantity" of your order after selecting the option.

Add to Cart!

Please press the "Add to Cart" button after entering the options and quantity.

"No Noshi" "No card" "No delivery request"

If all apply → press the "Buy Now" button

"With noshi" "with card" "with delivery request"

If any of these apply to you, please press the "Add to Cart" button. In the "Special notes to the store" that will be displayed after this, please fill in your wishes regarding "Noshi" or "Card" and "Delivery".

Check the order details on the cart screen.

Click the "Cart button" on the upper right of the screen, and check the order details, quantity, and price on the cart screen.

Let's fill in the options on the cart screen. (only if option is available)

In the "special notes to the store" column

  • Noshi writing and name engraving
  • Message card contents
  • Desired delivery date (Please specify after the 7th day from the payment completion date)


Please refer to the following for how to write Noshi.

kinds what time Table (example) Application (example)
celebratory bow Used to celebrate something that can happen any number of times congratulation, gratitude, family celebration Birth, longevity, fertility
celebratory knot Used for a one-time celebration Celebration, recovery celebration, Kotobuki Marriage, recovery from illness
funeral black and white when you don't want it to happen again will mourning

"New Year's greetings" "Kasho": Until Matsunouchi (January 7th) "Ochugen": July to August (depending on the region)
"Summer greeting card": Until around the beginning of August "Summer greeting card": Until around the end of August "Oseibo": Until around December 20

"Birthday", "Father's Day", "Mother's Day", "Respect for the Aged Day", "Coming of Age Day" etc.

Message card example

After filling in the options, if you are satisfied with the order details, please press the "Proceed to checkout" button.

Enter your contact information and shipping information.

Please enter the information necessary for delivery, such as "e-mail address", "name", and "address".
*Our shopping cart is safe because personal information is encrypted with "SSL".

After entering the information, click the "Continue to shipping method selection" button.

Please make sure that courier service is selected as the shipping method.

(Only home delivery can be selected) After confirming, click the "Proceed to payment" button.

Please select credit card payment or bank transfer on the payment screen.

If you choose to pay by credit card, please enter the required items.

Please enter your billing address.

(If it is different from the delivery address, for example, in the case of a gift, the delivery address and the payment source (billing address) are often different addresses.)

Click the "Pay Now" button when you are done.

Please confirm the delivery address on the next screen.

Your purchase is complete.

Delivery preparation will be after confirmation of payment.
If you pay by credit card, we will prepare for shipping immediately.
If you are paying by bank transfer, please do so as soon as possible.
(If payment cannot be confirmed even after 7 days from application, the application will be treated as canceled.)

About purchasing from overseas

Gift items can only be shipped within Japan. Products for home use can be delivered within Japan, Taiwan, and China.

About customs duties and value-added tax (for purchases from overseas)

You may be required to pay customs duties and VAT when the goods arrive in your country. These are the fees you pay, depending on the total purchase price.