3 types of original standard blend “Trial” set (100g x 3 bags)

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Product name: 3 types of original standard blend “Trial” set (100g x 3 bags)

*This product can be shipped within Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Item No.: B-310
Product content: 100g x 3 bags (weight including package: 106g) x 3 bags



Introducing 3 types of Coffee Mamebo's original classic blends.
"Hirose River" A light blend inspired by the refreshing breeze that crosses the Hirose River.
"Mamebo" A main blend with a good balance of acidity and bitterness.
"Katahira" A bitter blend inspired by a solid townscape.


For those who use it for the first time and those who want to try the taste, we have prepared 100g each for mail order only.

Coffee Mamebo's 3 original classic blends, each with their own characteristics.

It is a "trial" set that you can enjoy at once.
Why don't you try drinking and comparing depending on your mood at that time?

*Small set of 100g each


Product Name regular coffee
Ingredients coffee beans
Weight Classic blends “Hirosegawa”, “Mamebo” and “Katahira”: 100g each (Weight including package: 106g)
degree of roasting medium roast
expiry date Coffee Beans- 2 months
Coffee Powder- 1 month
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
It is recommended to store it in a sealed container in the freezer.
Country of origin of raw beans Guatemala, Brazil, Rwanda, Colombia, etc.
Package size Served in a bean bag
Producer Mamebo
1-1-12 Komegafukuro Aoba Ward Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture
Contact number: 022-738-8066

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