October 1st Coffee Day. The new year has begun with delicious coffee!

コーヒー, 抽出器具, 珈琲, 珈琲ギフト -

October 1st Coffee Day. The new year has begun with delicious coffee!

October 1st is Coffee Day.

The new year of coffee is about to begin.

I'm kind of overwhelmed.
nothing changes
I've been restless since morning.
I am strangely restless.
by All Japan Coffee Association
According to the "Basic Survey on Coffee Demand Trends"
Coffee consumption in Japan is about 453,000 tons (2019)
It seems that it is 11.53 cups / week per week.
"Coffee" is such a familiar drink
Something fills my chest.
Do your best, oh! ! It's going to be.
It's such a "coffee day"...
It's been a long time...
Do you want to be particular about the tools?
At Coffee Mamebo, we are introducing some amazing coffee tools.
Please look!
Would you like to have a squeak already?
The glass container that holds the coffee is called a "server".
The "handle" part of this server is
Surprisingly, it is made of [Sakura tree].
the more you use
Fits in your hand.
Most of all, it lifts your spirits.
Because when you make coffee for someone in front of you,
That person is staring at me.
At that time, there is a server with a cherry blossom pattern in front of me.
The coffee that fully entered the server
Again in front of me, I poured it into a cup
"I've got some delicious coffee!"
I just imagined
The coffee is definitely delicious.
The official name of the tool is "wood handle".
Using this "wood handle" tool
Why don't you enjoy a great coffee time at home?

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