Site renewal! !

コーヒー, 珈琲, 珈琲ギフト -

Site renewal! !

In the middle of Golden Week.

All of a sudden, the site has been renewed!


\picture! ? what happened.../

We apologize for causing concern.


There are two points of renewal.

Increasing the number of products other than gifts

②Compatible with Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese


Considering customer feedback and ease of use

I've had the idea for over three years.


I finally got it~



from now

Hand in hand

We'll make it even better.


Here's some good news♪

Customers who plan to make purchases from the site .

→Currently, the site renewal campaign is underway (until the end of May).

If you enter the following campaign code at the time of shopping

What, what, what!

30% off from the purchase price




・Until the end of May

・Can be used as many times as you like per person (for purchases of 3,000 yen or more)


At that time, the absolutely necessary campaign code is

We are also showing you from here! (Completed in 1 minute~)

[Good friends with coffee beans] Registration form (




By registering here,

If it's now, "How to make fragrant iced coffee directly from a professional" video

I'm giving you a present! !



*If you do not enter the campaign code

Since it will not be 30% OFF,

Please put it in! !


Well then~



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