Actually popular! "Water coffee"

コーヒー, 水出し珈琲, 珈琲, 珈琲まめ坊, 珈琲ギフト -

Actually popular! "Water coffee"

I'm Aoki, and I'm roasting coffee on the banks of the Hirose River.

At some point, the chirping of cicadas replaced the chirping of crickets.

The night is getting faster and faster

We have entered September.

If I let my guard down for a moment, I almost catch a cold.

Everyone, please be careful.

Despite the weather...

In fact, "water coffee" is popular.

It is sometimes called Rakuchin ♪ to make,

Some time ago, a customer said to me:

"I've been stuck at home and can't go out for a long time. The cold brew coffee here for a change was really delicious!"

What a joy!

Water out coffee, I was able to help you.


If you need a large amount.

Or when you want your favorite flavor of cold brew coffee.

If you can let me know at least 3 days in advance

I will make it for you.

Once in a while, I want to try a different flavor of cold brew coffee,


Please do not hesitate to

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