A hint of autumn

コーヒー, 季節のブレンド, 珈琲, 珈琲ギフト -

A hint of autumn

I'm Aoki, and I'm roasting coffee on the banks of the Hirose River.

Obon is over when you notice

When I noticed, the crickets started chirping

Somehow, it started to feel like autumn.

But... it's hot...

At that time,

Another seasonal blend is perfect!

Seasonal Blend “Sousui”

mountains at this time

The color is dark, and it seems that green is dripping...

I imagined such a mountain landscape.

Summer will be shorter than you think.

While reminiscing about that summer

How is your coffee time?

Like this,

It's about time to start experimenting with autumn blends ♡

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