Midsummer Blend For the hottest days.

コーヒー, 季節のブレンド, 珈琲, 珈琲ギフト -

Midsummer Blend For the hottest days.

I'm Aoki, and I'm roasting coffee on the banks of the Hirose River.

Hmm, when will we feel the signs of autumn?

Because the recent weather forecast is too accurate

I have a strange expectation that it will come off once in a while.

However, hot things can't be helped.

Two seasonal blends are now available.

The first one is..."Ryo" (Suzumi)

When I was little, I sweated a lot and played around
Eat watermelon for a snack
No, go to the nearby candy shop
Eat the snacks you won in the lottery...
such a thing
I remember it fondly.
At that time, I heard the sound of wind chimes.
I am making it with such an image.
Clean, fresh.
Of course hot coffee in hot weather,
"Ryo" is delicious even if it is chilled tightly♪

The other is... the fun for the next time ♡

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