[Unveiling Campaign]! ?

コーヒー, ドリップバッグ, 珈琲 -

[Unveiling Campaign]! ?

After publishing this page


Many people are interested in

We have started taking orders!

thank you! !

We will confirm the details of your order,

We are making arrangements for shipping so that we can deliver your order in the order you received it.

So, but...

[Unveiling campaign] It started suddenly♪♪

What's going on?

It was a while ago that I published this page.

Roasting people's blood is noisy?

Can't you help but look twice?

Such rare and special coffee beans have arrived!

What are those coffee beans?

[Panamanian Geisha] It has the name Sophia.

Geisha variety that I saw for the first time in years

longing, absolute value,

A fragrant scent that remains in the memory that cannot be found in other varieties.

Yield from one tree is less than 1/5 of normal

Production and harvesting only in a narrow, narrow, pinpoint area

No, you don't have to drink separately...

did you think?

as a side note

My first geisha experience was about 17 years ago.

Take a bite and put it in your mouth...

My head is already blank

There's coffee in it, without putting the cup down

I savored it slowly.


Even after drinking, the cup still has a strong lingering scent.

I sniffed for a while.

(Slightly, no, quite suspicious...)


Reheat the cup with your hand (Can you do that?)

I smelled the scent.

Geisha. It's such a coffee.

If you serve it at a shop, 2000 yen / 1 cup! ?

It feels like it's going to be.

This [Panama Sophia Geisha]

A phantom coffee that came to hand.

I wanted as many people as possible to taste this coffee.

It's like my view of coffee has changed

I would like you to have the experience that there is such a coffee.


[Panama Sophia Geisha] coffee

Oh my God! I made a drip bag .

And since it's been a long time

To those who ordered coffee gift products this time

1 pack per set ,

We will give you a present!

(Café Komorebi is currently relocating the coffee cheesecake "Yu", so please let me exclude it this time.)


Because it was too little arrival

Limited to 30 packs only .

I'm sorry I only have a few...

*Ah, this drip bag is

Since it is filled with nitrogen, it has a shelf life of about 5 months.

Drip bag with the same processing as here

It will be set for this coffee gift!

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