new blog name

コーヒー, 珈琲 -

new blog name

I'm Aoki, and I'm roasting coffee on the banks of the Hirose River.

It doesn't matter,

I thought a lot about the name of this "blog".

First, it's just a "blog".

But that would be too boring, so "New Nohohon Diary".

Actually, "Nohohon Diary" is the name of the "blog" that I have been familiar with for over 12 years since Coffee Mamebou started.

It continues quietly even now.

I was still wondering if it would be okay.

No, wait, I'm going to change my mind and renew the page, so let's change the name of the blog.

…Think-think-think-, always think-

that? Pin!

Let's do it! !

I thought, "Letter from the Breezy Kaori Mori Roastery" ← Did you think it was long?

I think so and abbreviate it → "Kaoru Mori News"

I tried saying it out loud over and over and over and over again.

yeah, it might be good

So, "Letter from Sono Kaze Kaoru Mori Roasting Place" is shortened to "Kaoru Mori Letter".

It's changed from today.

But you know,

If one day you suddenly find yourself with a completely different name, please smile softly.

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