What is the delivery time (for now)?

コーヒー, 焙煎士, 珈琲, 珈琲チーズケーキ -

What is the delivery time (for now)?

I'm Aoki, and I'm roasting coffee on the banks of the Hirose River.

from the beginning

It's a shame, but...

Due to various circumstances,

Regarding the gift item "Yu" (Coffee Cheesecake)

Delivery time

After July 1, 2022, it will be the order of the order .


I'm asking for a super delicious coffee cheesecake

[cafe Komorebi] said,

We are in the middle of a store move right now.

I want to order immediately! !

For those who thought...

I'm really sorry

Please wait for a while.

Watashimo Matteru Todes.

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