Memorable day!

コーヒー, 焙煎士, 珈琲 -

Memorable day!

Along the banks of the Hirose River~♪

I'm Aoki, who roasts coffee.

Today has become a “memorial day”.

finally finally

today, from this moment

This gift homepage has been released! !

In retrospect, in the first place,

Why did you decide to make this page?

・I want to send a gift, but I don't know what to choose

・Is it possible to make a gift that is easy to choose and satisfying?


This is because we have heard from our customers.

Today, more than a year has passed since the conception.

Thanks to you, we've made it public!

I'm overwhelmed with emotion

up to here

Thank you so much for all of your help.

・Customers who have voiced their opinions

・Customers who suggested that it would be nice to have such a product

・All the specialists who gave form to the unformed concept

(Website creation, description writing, package design, photos, etc.)

If even one of them is missing,

I couldn't do this page.

I can't thank you enough.

Start here!

To everyone who visited the page

"Good for you"

so that you can think

I will do my best to be sincere.

Thank you very much!

*By the way, today is a very auspicious day.

Daan, 10,000 times one grain day, big tomorrow, heavenly gratitude day, and mother 's day all overlapped! !

Yay ♪

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