Peru San Felipe district (medium roast) 200g

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Product name: Peru San Felipe district (medium roast) 200g

*This product can be shipped within Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Item No.: S-545
Product content: 200g (weight including package: 210g) x 1 bag


First appearance at last!

New beans have arrived from "Peru", which I think is the No. 1 coffee with richness!

Full-bodied depth is alive and well.

And when it cools down, you can feel the mysterious splendor.

"San Felipe" has no road ahead!?

picture? Are there still settlements here? There was this "San Felipe" where I thought.

The farmland is at an altitude of 2,500m! !

Typica and Bourbon, which are traditional varieties, were left there.


To be honest, Peru may be a relatively minor production area in Japan.

One factor is thought to be that there are many steep terrains and that the "infrastructure" for the distribution of coffee has not been properly developed.

That's why coffee from producers who make such high-quality coffee is rare.

I would like to have an important relationship with you.


The farmland is so well maintained.

It seems that the soil was also soft and fluffy.



Product name regular coffee
Raw material name coffee beans
Internal capacity 200g (weight including package: 210g) x 1 bag
degree of roasting medium roast
expiration date For beans: 2 months For flour: 1 month
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
It is recommended to store it in a sealed container in the freezer.
Green beans producing country name Peru
Outer box size Served in a bean bag
Manufacturer Self-roasted Coffee Mamebo 1-1-12 Yonegabukuro, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Phone: 022-738-8066

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